We take 5 minutes out of Dave Winchesters¬†busy life to ask him what 3 waves he hasn’t yet, but wants to surf. Here is what fish are in Winnys bucket list…

P-Pass – Located on Caroline Island in Micronesia, P-Pass is a right hand reef break renowned for perfect 3-10ft pits. Predominately run by sticks, we can only image how much of a mess Winny would cause trucking through a solid P Pass pit.

P Pass Surfing Wave

African Point. Here we can only take an educated guess that Winny is referring to Skeleton Bay, one of the worlds best sand bottom point breaks located in Namibia, Africa.

SkeletonBay Wave EMpty

And lastly, a response we were not expecting, ‘This Wave in Indo, Ill let you know when I’ve done it’, alright Winny but make it snappy…

Secret Wave


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