Ben Player Converses With Death

Ben Player looks down the line. A wall of water he’s seen all to many times before drains out and builds itself over the Ireland Reef. He doesn’t need to think, these are the types of sections he hits in his dreams, these are the Bodyboarders everywhere live for. He pulls his rail, he faces up the cold water line, his bare knuckles once frozen in the cold become momentarily irrelevant as the world slows down with the oncoming section. Ben hits it; a flash of pain, a walk down struggle street, a helicopter ride, a hell of a lot of sleeping and some down time later. The man is back, here’s his story.

It was the second day of Benny P’s Ireland adventure things took a spin for the worse.

Ben and the brigade wake to find the ocean fallen into a dull slumber over night with the waves falling back to a range deemed docile for the 3 x World Champ. A detour over to a smaller yet all the more powerfull rolling right hander proves a major success as the boys suit up and paddle out.

It’s Bens second wave which puts trouble afoot throwing him into the full rotor. Spinning out a big 360 into the flats is deemed as one of the hardest moves in Bodyboarding, add in minus tempratures, a shallow reef and you also have one of your most painfully winding moves too. As Ben lands his air 360 he immediately succumbs to a searing pain in his stomach. In an attempt to walk it off Ben changes his game plan and heads over to the infamous Rileys.

As ben walks the path to the break he briefly stumbles and the pain intensifies. Tiredness overcomes Ben, and suddenly the simplest of tasks become tiresome. Things worsen as Ben suddenly succumbs to feverish shaking. Minutes later Ben resigns to injury and the lights come close to turning out as big waves surfer/ paramedic Pete Conroy is called onto scene for further diagnosis.
Internal bleeding is on the cards and a decision is made for immediate helicopter evacuation.

Over the 15 Minute period between helicopter arrival, things worsen. As time passes Ben begins convulsing on the rock shelf and later admits the feeling of death seemingly closer than ever. Briefly Ben is at peace as all quays of the world go into a blur as an uncanny realisation of what could be his last minutes come into play.

Ben awakes in Hospital under the care of the Dependancy Ward. Lucky to be alive, Ben Player walks away with his spleen in tact in what we hope will be a non effective injury. Get well sonn BP!


Here at BSC we would like to extend our warmest wishes out to Ben Player in what is hopefully an extremely fast recovery process!



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