Bad Wave Hobbies

It’s inevitable for the ocean we all love to lapse into some kind of tantalizing lull during the year, most commonly sited in the months of Summer. The big question on everyone’s mind is, what do you do when there aren’t waves? It’s the same question you might ask a skater when the park is rained out, or a horse when he’s eaten all the grass, or an avid gamer when he finishes the latest Call of Duty Game, the question is what do we do now?  Honestly, we don’t have an answer, all the same we did a bit of research, here’s a couple things that Boogers seem to be obsessed with when the waves are down. 

Obsessively Checking The Charts

Once the waves hit an all time low, Boogers log onto their Forecasting site of choice and check the forecast not only for home, but around the globe, the things we do for a wave. Check out some of these sites if you haven’t already! 
If you’re using the likes of Coastalwatch the chances of you ever scoring reasonable waves is somewhat unlikey.

Buy New Gear To Revamp The Stoke

Everyone knows the best way to get yourself amped in the ocean regardless of conditions is slinging a fresh new deck under your hairy armpits. If not, a set of fins, a new leash or even a new sticker can make all the difference! Check out a couple  of these tasty treats if you’re on the lookout for something to get the stoke back up!

Practice Your ‘Cregs’ On Your Neighbors Trampoline

There’s no booger shy to a little bit of Tramp Booging. The ongoing debate suggests two things about tramp booging: 
– It’s problematic to the composure of your board
– It doesn’t really aid your surfing

Catching Up On All The Latest Booger Goss

This could mean either catching up on our latest post on Cluster,
or simply making a worthwhile investment in the latest Riptide Mag or LeBoogie

Going Back In Time To Find Pumping Waves

Simply manufacturer a time machine with some of your Dads tools and cruise back in time to that day where you scored pumping waves 9am-5pm.
How to Build A Time Machine

If worse comes to worse you can always just watch back one of your favourite boog clips to get you amped for that next sesh with the boys! Here’s one of ours!



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