Bali Ain’t So Bad

Under recent media spotlight, the already Australasia famous holiday destination Bali has been blown out of the water into more attention. In reality Bali is just a massive holiday slut, with cheap flights, cheap accomodation, cheap drinks, cheaper shemales and some fun looking waves, it’s every Surfer/ Bodyboarders dream. To remind you that Bali isn’t quite as overdone as what you may think we’ve attached a couple recent clips and some classics to keep the stoke alive!

Surfers on Surfboards Surfing. If this short clip doesn’t get you pumped to shave your hair, adopt an american accent and win 11 world surf titles, then there’s something wrong with you.

Dallas Singer goes ham without a trace of cheese in a place we’ve become all too familiar with on the outerskirts of the main event.

Lewy Finnegan and the Pride team hit Bali and hit it hard.

Three bangers to get your head back in the game and book those flights to everyones favourite holiday destination. After all, anywhere beats the one ft onshore wind-swell out the front of your house at the moment..


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