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Lewy Finnegan ticked something for us the other day in regards to the direction of Bodyboarding & new maneuvers. Here’s what the man had to say for him self.. 

It’s unknown what direction bodyboarding is heading, but my guess is that it’s going to become more technically advanced, and in bigger waves. Double backflips, frontflips, reverse ARS’, inward flips. All kinds of confusing rotations in the air might one day be part of every grommets repertoire, executed with razor sharp precision and perfect style.
Maybe in 50 years, every time there is a giant swell for The Right, there will be a crew of 30 bodyboarders sitting on the peak, paddling into bombs and doing spins in the pit and huge air-forwards. That’s exactly what i’m hoping will happen with our sport and I think it’s definitely plausible.”

Whose to say the boys won’t be throwing 720 air forwards in a couple years time? Whilst, it’s undeniable new maneuvers are breaking out on the scene. For now, we’ll keep out feet on the ground. Stick with us as we briefly check out some of the gnarliest and funkiest maneuvers the world of Bodyboarding has seen!

 Lewy Finnegan Invert/ Reverse – Chris White footage

Jake Stone Double Roll/ Backflip – Stoke Machine Footage

Nick Gornall 720 Towed Reverse – Tyge Landa footage

Sapinus boys with a well rehearsed variety hit 3.50 to cut to the gnarly shit! – Footage Link TV, Maureen Maiau, Niko Richard, Marc-Antoine Bouvant, David Tuarau, Tshanny Tessier, Sapinus Prone, Tahurai Henry

Lachlan Cramsie Inward Flip – Logan Miatke Footage

Pierre Louis and some serious whack shit – Wonderland Prod, Nic Barclay & Riraw TV Footage

Jeff Hubbard Air Forward/ Roll – Unknown Filmer

 Jose Otavio 540 Air Reverse – Footage Unknown

Tanner McDaniel ‘Tic Roll’ – Footage Unknown

Is this too much? We’re going to leave it here all the same.. This guy goes nuts!


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