ISS & ISIS Know The Difference

ISIS is the latest and greatest terrorist organisation, whilst ISS is the latest in Bodyboarding advancements! In all seriousness though we’re gonna cut down to the case, because you guys already have a fair bit of reading ahead of you..
 and PRIDE are each set to drop their own Boards in alignment with the new ISS technology. ISS  dropped the latest designs and models in the newly designed interchangeable stringer cores in the past month, we can’t believe our eyes. We’re at the foot of what’s sure to be one of the biggest milestones in Bodyboarding since Mike Stewarts birth! In a statement from ISS we received the following short story in relation to their latest breakthrough!

ISS (Interchangeable Stringer System) revolutionises high performance Bodyboarding by giving the rider the freedom to fine tune the flex of their board for optimum performance in all wave and water conditions. Using patented Load and Lock technology, ISS stringer are inserted and removed with the turn of a key. The ISS range of stringers utilize the latest advancements in composite construction and manufacturing technology ro create a quiver of shafts that covers the full spectrum of a riders flex requirements.

Dynamic Recoil Calibration
DRC – Dynamic Recoil Calibration uses structural flex simulation technology to create specific shaft weave patterns that optimise the performance characteristics of each ISS stringer flex. By incorporating DRC into our design process, we are able to reduce shaft weights while greatly improving the strength and recoil properties of ISS stringers.”

Load & Lock
Imagine changing the flex of your board with the turn of a key. With ISS Load and Lock technology, fine tuned board flex is now a reality. To load, select your desired ISS stringer flex and insert the ISS ket into the keyhole located at the end of the ISS stringer and turn clockwise until full lock is achieved. To reload, just reverse the process. It’s that easy!

Polymer Sleeve Insulation
The interchangeable Stringer System incorporates a lightweight, high strength polymer tube, ultrasonically welded to form a flexible sleeve that insulates the stringer cavity from the core.
ISS Soft Flex Stringer

The ISS SoftFlex
The Softflex stringer incorporates a proprietary lay up consisting of 20% Fibreglass spiral weave integrated with 80% unidirectional Fibreflass stands to deliver a stringer with a softer flex action. DRC designed for cold climates and riders who like a more flexible board.

ISS Mid Flex
DRC inspired construction combines 20% carbon with 80% Fibreglass spiral weave resulting in a stringer with exceptional feel and a smooth flex action. The workhorse of the ISS range, the MidFlex stringer is designed to perform in mild water temps and is an essential component of any serious ISS quiver!

ISS Stiff Flex
The stiffest stringer in the ISS range. Advanced composite construction featuring 60% carbon interwoven with 40% Fibreglass to create a high strength DRC flex profile with outstanding torisional shaft stifness. The ‘go to’ strnger for the tropics and riders who like to surf on rail.

Imagine being able to bring back all your favourite boards to life  at the turn of a key! Well get pumped, because soon this will be a reality!



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