It’s A Putland Party

It’s late 1980’s where disaster strikes, well known businessman Colonel Sanders passes away at the ripe age of 90. The tragic demise leaves millions of supporters aghast and permanently rattled. Fans around the world unite in stone-marking the colonels impact on the modern world, this impact is KFC. 35 years onwards the Kernels chain restaurants head for ultimate expansion – 2015 more than ever as Smiths introKFC and Smiths Zinger Chips 3duces ‘Zinger’ flavour chips. What does this mean for the world? It’s simple KFC not only just became 20x more desirable, but also 20x more accessible. How does this effect the bodyboarding world? On an immediate effect basis, it doesn’t.
There is one individual however who we’re more than likely going to see results from in the coming days of the ‘Zinger/ Smiths collab’. He goes by the name of Jordan Putland.. He rides an NMD Bodyboard, he has a Instagram account littered by the likes of party times and KFC meals.

Whilst under the strain of standard Kernel action, Jordan typically rips the lid harder than your average lid rippo. This leaves us wandering what the hell is going to happen when he gets his hands on the Smiths and KFC collaboration. Whatever happens, we’re looking forward to it. In the meantime you can prepare yourself with this tidy edit below.
Leboogie edit!


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