Jerry’s new sponsor?


Last night we come across a image of Jared Houston captioned “Last Backflip with Pride Bodyboards”.

He was World Champ in 2015, was a Pipeline finalist and just placed 3rd in Teahupoo so we assume he’d command a hefty price tag.

As a French brand, it seems Pride have kept their preference with PLC, and the Young (and potentially cheaper) Aussie Lewy Finnegan.

While it seems he still has Vulcan Fins, Emerald Bodyboard Specialists and Reeflex Wetsuits. The big question remains,  Which board sponsor is Jerry leaving Pride for ? Does he even know yet ? Which brand has $$ to spare ?

Science, VS, NMD all have very few top tier riders ? Has a new brand like JG gained enough traction ? Hubboards ? Hardy Shapes ?

Cover Photo: APB / Josh Tabone

Main Image: APB / Alex Perez



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