Deja vu

A huge congratulations goes out to Jake Stone who has been crowned the 2015 Aussie Champ after taking out the third stop of the ABA tour over the weekend.. Well doesn’t this sound familiar, Stoney was also the 2014 Aussie Champ. The Knights Beach Pro was held on Friday & Saturday in Port Elliot South Australia. According to other competitors Stoney was on fire all weekend despite the sub zero temps and heavy 3-4 foot wedges. Walking away with the win left Stoney in a points position where he cannot be beaten and was therefore prematurely crowned the Aussie Champ in an alcoholic fuelled podium finish. Tanner McDaniel the Hawaiian underaged ripper took out the Pro Junior Division with ease as he boosted his way over from Hawaii for the event. Check out the current ABA Tour Rankings below and a flick from Fridays free surfing.. The official event clip is yet to be dropped but stay tuned,  we hear its going to be good!


1 Jake Stone
2 Thomas Rigby
2 Lachlan Cramsie
4 Joe Clarke
4 Dave Winchester
6 Davis Blackwell
7 Lewy Finnegan
8 Jake Metcalfe
9 Eric Roy
10 Lee Wilson
11 Marshall Watson
12 Ricky Michael
13 Cade Sharp
14 Noah Aubort
14 Josh Keenan
14 George Humphreys
17 Ryan Hardy
17 Daniel Steel
19 Jesse Landrigan
20 John Cruikshank
21 Blake Gerrard
22 Karl Mungar
22 Simon Cassidy
24 Sam Bennett
25 Theo Hinchliffe



1 Theo Hinchliffe
2 Eric Roy
3 Lochlie Breakey
4 Lee Wilson
5 Simon Cassidy
6 Noah Aubort
7 Josh Keenan
8 Jesse Landrigan
9 Daniel Steel
10 Tanner McDaniel
11 Blake Gerrard
12 Noah Symmans
12 Calen Jordan
14 Josh Peters
14 Jasper Hinchliffe
14 Ezra Golebiowski
17 Matthew Hanks
17 Joe Bourke
17 Jarrah Hamlin
17 Aden Arens
17 Nathan Golebiowski
17 Riley Hardy
23 Bradley Harrington
23 Coby Edwards
25 Jack Harries
25 Jagan Gillett
25 Zac Dean

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  1. Kane Grumble says:

    Yeah Jake!!!

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