Questions With Qualen

Calen Jordan – BSC Team Rider, underground shredder, chicken lover, FIFA activist and university go getter sits down and lets his thoughts reel on the general clash between university and Bodyboarding. If you don’t know much about the young Gold Coast prodigy it’s well about time you did, check out his clip at the bottom of the page or his BSC Profile. Ya’ll know the deal, dumb questions with dumber answers. Check out Calens response!

→Is University hard?
“Umm, engineering first year. Seems to be a little bit easy or as I would say a bit of a joke, it depends how hard you work.” *Chuckles*

→Obviously you find yourself locked down in the studying fort more times than not, where does Cal Jordan find time to surf?
“Ummm, well, you know, I’m kinda going back to the weekend warrior stage, finding that stoke in the ocean every day all weekend, that’s all I’ve got now.” *More chuckles*

→What’s the party scene like for an underage university student?
“Awww, it’s a bit of a struggle but sometimes you just need to bring your ‘water bottle’ for an undercover type’a good time.”

→Now, we’ve all heard of your undesirable eating patterns and we’re all dying to know.. What’s your favourite in-class university snack?
“Love mackin down on mints in class, although vegemite scrolls never go amiss. Shoutout to Mum for making them! That’s Mints too, not Mince”

→What do you find harder, Math, Booging or 7am?
“I dunno, ummm, you know, the Math I’m doing pretty sweet, booging is fine, I’ma have to say 7am is the hardest. A person once said to me waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning.”

→Has your dog ever eaten your homework?
“Awwwww, I’ll have to ask her. But nah, don’t think so, it’s a bit hard for a dog to eat a computer, soo.“

→When did you last do an invert?
“Oh shiiit, my last invert was on the BSC team trip. But let me tell you, it was a darn good invert at that.”

→Why is Griffith University named, Griffith University?
“It’s an abbreviation of Gryffindor which is the best.”

→Sum up your uni experience in 5 words Calen.
“Am I allowed to swear? *Laughs* ‘What The Fuck Kez.’ Kerry is my Math teacher..”

Spoken like a true scholar! Check out Calens clip below for more proof on the GC’s most knowledgeable prodigy!


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