Space Tourist

We’ve all dreamt of someday venturing to outer space, to the Moon and of course another planet.

Well, with Virgin Galactic, even the average Joe can do just that! That is if you are the average Joe with a spare 250k in your back pocket…

It seems that visiting another country, soaking in a different culture, tasting new food and seeing new sights is simply old news.Heck, who needs any of that when you can watch the rest of the world from above in a plane stuffed with snobs?

If you fear dying, we wouldn’t suggest this task is fit for you, as recently one of the test flight planes exploded mid-flight. Our tip for the day is to stay within the Earth’s Atmosphere, preferably below the Ozone Layer to prolong your life. If you book your tickets online now and you receive a free signed poster from Richard Branson!

For all the news and updates on the whole operation, jump onto the virgin site by clicking here

“So long earth fags”- Richard Brandon 2015

Richard Brandon wave




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