Tony Shredott

An impending south swell looms over the East coast, earthquake related swell lines litter the Pacific Ocean and Tony Abbott disappears.. Alot to take in? It shouldn’t be, the mighty mighty T-Abbott is standing down from passing bills to make some DOLLA BILLS! The WSL better keep an eye out because this bloke is heading to the top – getting pitted and dropping in on every bloke who gets in his way.

He’s been keeping it on the ‘DL’ but as per the norm we’re in the loop – that bloke is hunting swell harder than Malcom was hunting his job! Whilst big papa T didn’t have the best run at the top of his game we still have a certain level of respect for him for givin’it’a crack.

Turns out Tony has steeeze for days! Check out some of his maddest stunts yet!

Bit of pit dogging never hurt no one
Abbott Attack

Tone – E showing some nose

Abbott Shred Sesh!!

Notorious T.A laying down the law with a backside cutty to headslam

Toeknee rides one to the shore – finishing things off with a bit of hands behind back steeeze
Tony Abbot STEEZEEEE!!!!

Double the thumbs, double the trouble
Tony Abbott Approval


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